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Damn, it's amazing what I can get accomplished when I get going and get this crazy cleaning bug in me. So far today I've done:

1) went grocery shopping at fruit stand, winn dixie, and walmart
2) cleaned both bathrooms top to bottom (including getting brillo pad and scrubbing muck out of tubs and putting new nonslip thing stickers on bottom of tub and getting back behind the toilets and cleaning grime back there - ugh)
3) rearranged some of plants in back yard, repotted a bunch of plants, hung planters on sides of house and in windows
4) finished putting shelf up in garage and cleaned entire garage, hung bike hooks and then hung bike from ceiling (and that sucker's heavier than I thought!), organized shit on peg boards (yeah, yeah, I'm a little OCD, but that's ok, because my garage is beutiful)
5) baked 4 dozen cupcakes - half devil's food and half french vanilla
6) did a bunch of laundry

Now all I have left to do is:

1) fold all the clothes that are sitting on my bed (some how don't think this one is going to get accomplished)
2) icing all the cupcakes with the hordes of icing that I have left over from all my other baking projects
3) clean up kitchen
4) vaccumm
5) sweep and mop kitchen

Sometimes it is a good thing that I am an insomniac - much better to get things done around the house than to lie in bed and wish I could fall asleep. The only down side is that my feet hurt now. Maybe I'll soak them as I fold clothes.
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