Augustus (augustus) wrote,

So I was about to be all proud of myself for not needing the man around to do the repair type work in the house - but the fixing that I did didn't fix it :( The light in our garage is not in working condition due to the fact that the part where you screw in the lightbulb is missing. So today when I was at Lowe's I picked up a new light thing and read all the instructions (and even remembered to cut power to the garage so I wouldn't electrecute myself) and got the whole thing hooked up, cut the power back on and nothing! I was quite disappointed because I really would like some light in my garage other than the laundry light and the little socket adaptor thing that I have to go plug in all the time - I want to ba able to flip the switch that's in my halway (and what else would the switch be for except the light in the garage?) and have the light come on. Maybe there is a problem at the switch end and not the light end - maybe I'll go and see if I can't figure it out - If you guys don't ever hear back from me -it's because I have either electrecuted myself or blown up my house :)

On the plus side - I got my azaleas planted, hopefully they'll stay alive now. Need to go back to Lowe's tomorrow and get more rocks, though.
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