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oooh, breakin' the law

Shhh, don't tell Big Brother I'm posting at work!

My sister has requested a list of possible invites for a baby shower. I know and love a lot of wonderful people, but I am not sure how many of you would want to attend a baby shower. (I have always been of the slightly inhibited mindset that inviting people to showers is just asking for gifts and I feel guilty asking people). But for all of you that actually would like to attend a baby shower for the little man waiting to make an appearance, just let me know, and if I don't have your address, email me your address, too (use the email address on my info page).

Also, short baby update: Sam finally got to feel him move! He kicked him a few times on Sunday - yay!

on another note - babies in your belly make you have really weird dreams. I never used to dream all that much (I know, people say everyone dreams, just not everyone remembers; but I never really entered REM sleep that often, so never had that much opportunity to sleep - my sleep was all wacky before I got pregnant, and now the baby is like a giant sleeping pill, it's awesome). Anyway, the dreams lately have been a little weird or really, really bizzare. It's kind of fun.

ok, got to get back to work before the man catches me being illegal :)
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