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So sad ...

Have you ever really craved something and nothing else really tasted good until you got the thing that you were craving? So far, I've been a pretty reasonable pregnant lady (or at least I think so) and I haven't demanded any midnight runs to the store for pickles and ice cream or anything like that. Haven't really had any cravings (although Coke tastes really good right now, and I don't usually drink a lot of soda) but for the last few days I've been looking forward to Blue Bell's Mardi Gras ice cream. Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it. All I want is a nice big bowl of the creamy goodness that is Mardi Gras. So we went to the store today to get cat litter and rabbit food and I decided that we needed this ice cream, and considering that it's now king cake time, the Mardi Gras ice cream should be in the freezers. But there was no luck at Walmart. Only an ice cream called King Cake. So we stopped at Calandro's on the way home so I could get my Mardi Gras. No luck there either, but the Blue Bell man was stocking the freezer so I asked him when they would be getting Mardi Gras in. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE TOLD ME!!!!!!! They are not making Mardi Gras this year. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!??!!!! How can they think that this King Cake ice cream is even going to come close to Mardi Gras??? Mardi Gras was soooo good (I admit, it was a little bizarre to look at - kind of looked like you were eating Barney) but it was sooooo good, almond amaretto ice cream, makes me want to melt when I taste it good. And they replace it with cinnamon ice cream with pastry pieces and a ribbon of vanilla frosting. WHAT??!! No comparison there!!! I don't want your silly cinnamon ice cream - I want the frosty tasty Barney ice cream :( So now my craving will never be cured and I will be forced to suffer through the rest of my pregnancy with no almond amaretto ice cream. I might just have to splurge and see how big of a container of ice cream I can get from Marble Slab, since they have plain amaretto - not quite the same, but it will have to do since BLUE BELL IS NOW THE DEVIL!!!! So I've decided that I will boycott blue bell, since they didn't even bother asking me if they could discontinue my ice cream - the nerve of them.

So I am now off to try and enjoy a bowl of peanut butter ice cream. Not my amaretto, but it will have to do for now.

On a completely unrelated note - the little man is such a tease. My mom was over yesterday and was trying to see if she could feel him move, and right before she put her hand there he was moving a little hard, but the minute she put her hand there, he softened his movement, so he was still wriggling around right underneath her hand, just too soft for her to feel. He does the same thing to Sam, he'll be kicking and wriggling and dancing, until Sam tries to feel, and then he'll either quiet down or stop altogether. But that's ok, we still have 3 1/2 more months for Sam to feel all the kicking he wants.
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