Augustus (augustus) wrote,

Free Huskie to good home!

I am looking for a good home for a (I think) 3 yr old female Huskie. She is fixed and up to date on all her vaccines and is a good dog, but still has many of her puppy qualities and A LOT of energy! She sees cats and other small animals (like little dogs) as play things, so if you have other small animals, they would need to be able to hold their own against her. She likes to run and chew, so she would need toys and room to play. Please, please, if anyone is interested let me know. She is really a sweet dog, she's just a bit needy (kind of like a kid with ADD, you just need to give her a bit of extra attention and things to chew that are good). She is not my dog, my parents inherited her through my sister along with my sister's other dog, so they have 3 dogs at home, and it's just too much for them. Keep your ears and eyes open for anyone who would like this dog.
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