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Haha - I'm not wearing any clothes right now :) Got our bags mostly packed (at least with all the important stuff) so if the little man decides to make an appearance any time soon, we are ready (or at least as ready as we'll ever be). Now I am off to shower and get ready for a bachelorette party this evening. Hope the little man comes this week - I'm tired of work. But if he decides to wait a while longer, I'm ok with that. So far not feeling bad yet - even took a short jog yesterday (yes, me who is pretty much 9 months pregnant went running in the rain b/c I forgot to roll up my van windows before the short downpour yesterday and the running didn't bother my belly at all - could be b/c he's so far down already that there's no jiggle room left, who knows).

Ok, now to the shower so I am not horribly late for dinner. Adios!
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