Augustus (augustus) wrote,

My dearest and wonderful husband, I'm letting you know with plenty of time to save up for it

BR River Center:
January 2, 2007

In the on-going tradition of spectacular touring productions, Neil Goldberg and Cirque Productions have once again reinvented the circus with European flair, imaginative theatrics and world-class acrobatics. CIRQUE DREAMS Jungle Fantasy is an all-new adventure that takes audiences soaring into a magical forest through the air and on stage. An international cast of graceful aerialists, spine bending contortionists, vine swinging characters, strong men and balancers bring this jungle dream to life in a lush, Broadway setting filled with wildly unpredictable designs, special effects, inventive choreography, puppeteering and dazzling costumes. CIRQUE DREAMS Jungle Fantasy is an exhilarating journey the entire family can experience together.

That would be so completely awesome to go see that - with the good seats so you can see them doing everything.
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