Augustus (augustus) wrote,

I lost 36 pounds on this diet!. That's right - I'm down 16% from my original fatass weight. Now I just need to start working out on that beautiful piece of equipment in the garage so I can get my butt back. I am so very happy - don't think I've weighed this little since I started college - that's 9 years ago! Very happy about that. Now just need to tone what I have.

In other news, I am going to open a new business - it is going to be the Lilliputian Leche and Laundry Bar, where the little people can come get their clothes washed and gorge on the milk buffet while they wait. I've gotten pretty good at it the last few weeks - need to watch out, though, starting to feel like I am a milk machine. Thank goodness for pumps and bottles so Sam can have his time with the little man and mama gets a little time for herself. Ok, off to change some stinky pants and put the man down for his nap. Then it's cookie baking time! Been in a baking mood lately, although unfortunately the cookies I made for Sam all burned and he doesn't want any of the other kind I made b/c they have Andes mint chips in them (which he can't stand). So we're trying a different kind today. Peanut butter cookies with chocolate tops. Hopefully I won't burn these.
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