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Lots of good things

Lately I've been a little "ugh, too much going on, not enough time to get it done just feeling yucky blues" type feelings. Then yesterday my sister sent me flowers at work - made me smile. Plus I have a picture of my adorable little man (yes, I know, I need to post more pictures of him!) sitting on my file cabinet staring at me. He's so cute!!! My other sister made a really cute Santa outfit for him so we got some Christmas pictures of him in his little hat and I must say that I have the cutest baby in the world (okay, one of the cutest, because Evan is pretty darn adorable, too). Anyway, this morning I ended up sleeping in and taking my sweet time getting to work and that definitely helped out my mood. AND, last night we found Lee's first tooth! His lower left tooth has finally broken through after 3 months of teething! AND, this morning Sam went in to get him up and do you know what the little snot was doing??? Standing up in his crib!!! It is definitely time to lower that bed. And he is way too young to be standing already. My little baby isn't a baby anymore :( He's been pulling up a lot but hasn't quite managed the whole pull into standing position thing. He's getting so big.

Ok, back to the whole reason I started this post (I get distracted by my son way too easily). Checked my grades today and guess what! I got an A in Chemistry. Whohooooo. I am doing a little happy dance all around my office. Me, an A, in CHEMISTRY!!!! I so rock! ok, back to work for me now. As I do little mini happy dances in my chair. Blah mood has been banished for a little while. Leaving work early today to attempt to get things accomplished before the hectivity of the weekend ensues. dinner with friends then bag party tonight. Frank's party and Rugby party tomorrow night. Stelzer Christmas bake-a-thon tomorrow and Sunday. Crazy house for Mandy on Monday. Alright!
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