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Ok, haven't updated in forever

So it's been a really long time since I've updated and we've had a pretty busy summer, so

I’m apologizing ahead of time since this is a pretty long update because it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any updates (sorry!) but we’re doing pretty well. We’ve had a good spring and summer and Lee is growing up way too fast. I’ve set up a slideshow of some of the highlights of our spring/summer (44 pictures, but the subject matter is adorable enough to make it worth it!).

In April Lee got to go to his very first circus – he wasn’t too sure about the clowns, but he liked going on the elephant ride (a first for Sam, too). I think his favorite part of the circus was the motorcycle on the high wire (motorcycles in general are just super cool for him). Then the next day we built a deck in our backyard – called in help from the family and friends and got it done pretty quickly – so now we have a place to hang out in the back (when it’s not raining or disgustingly hot!).

At the end of April we took Lee to have his 2-year pictures taken – that was an adventure. This little boy is such a ham and was so goofy, but we managed to get some good pictures of him.

We headed up to Mississippi in May to see Sam’s sister, Stephanie, graduate and Lee got a thrill when Stephanie’s boyfriend’s dad took him riding on his big machines (he has excavators and front loaders and tractors – a little boy’s heaven on earth). The next weekend was Lee’s birthday party – he was very excited b/c it was Thomas themed and he LOVES Thomas the Tank engine. He had a few of his friends come over and they had a great time. Then we actually had a little bit of a break and just hung out at the house and relaxed for a month or so – Lee had plenty of opportunities to be his usual absolutely goofy self. One day while I was folding laundry, Lee decided that he was going to be a superhero. He asked for my help to tie his belt, but other than that he picked out his costume and put it on by himself – you can see what a handsome (if not completely weird) superhero he was. One thing you’ll probably notice from the pics is what a goofball he is and also, this being south Louisiana, it’s really hot, so most of the summer he didn’t wear much except a pair of underwear!

Right now Lee is really into helping me in the kitchen, so whenever I’m baking or mixing or cooking, he’ll pull up a chair and “help” me – most of the time his help is more in the quality control department and he has to make sure everything tastes good . One day we made a pickle cake for his day care because they read a book about pickle things and on one of the pages is a pickle cake (“Eeewww, yucky!” according to the kids) so we had a green cake with green frosting and ‘pickles’ on top – and even though the cake was good, Lee will still tell you, “Eeww, yucky!”

At the end of July we went to Arizona for a family reunion on my dad’s side. Lee got to ride on airplanes – which he absolutely loved! The airport was cool and all the trucks that dealt with the planes were really neat and the airplane ride was fun (luckily he slept through almost the entire flight from Houston to Phoenix and on the way back he slept from Phoenix to Salt Lake). But he had a blast and luckily he isn’t one of those kids whose ears really bother him – he didn’t seem to notice at all! While we were in Arizona we visited my cousin Chris, who is a fireman and Lee got to see the fire truck up close and even drive it! Chris sent back a little fireman’s helmet and Lee wears it all around the house now. While out there, we also went to the Chiricahua Mountains, which are a litte bit southeast of Tucson for a memorial service for my grandmother. We did the memorial and then had the time to climb around the mountains and just take in the breathtaking scenery. Sam took some good shots of the mountains, but the pictures don’t even compare to what it was like out there – absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. We took a couple of family pictures while we were there and in the one with Sam and I you can see Lee’s little face peeking around from behind us (and the look on his face is funny – I guess he didn’t like me kissing his daddy!).

But so far the summer has been great – now we’re just waiting for it to cool down!!! In about a week we are headed to Gulf Shores for a week long beach vacation (and I promise I’ll try to get pictures out pretty soon after we get back). The place where we are staying has a pool and Lee is a little water baby – he loves to swim and is doing really well with it now that he’s realized the water wings will keep him up!

Ok, I think that’s about it except for one more really cool thing – I was saving the best for last: in December, Lee is going to get a little brother!!! Hopefully this baby won’t be late like his brother was (we’re crossing our fingers that he’ll actually be a little early) because he’s due on Dec. 20th – but we’re all very excited to meet him. Lee likes to listen to his baby brother talk to him (according to Lee, the baby says “gurgle” a lot!).

Hopefully I’ll post a few more updates between now and December (so that they’ll be a lot shorter!) but if I don’t then in December you’ll get an update and some pictures when Mr. James Marshall makes his appearance in the world.

And here are the pictures.
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